Chocolate Makes the World Go ‘Round…

…especially when you’re knitting lots of little holiday gifts on a deadline (Time and Christmas wait for no one) and although you’ve already made a couple of smug “Oh, I’m so ahead of the crowd!” trips to the post office, you’ve suddenly realized you will have to make at least a couple more of those trips and in all probability the lines will be significantly longer (and the people waiting in them significantly grouchier) by the time you get there with the last of those packages.

So, where was I? Oh, yes. Chocolate. As I always say, a day without chocolate is a day without sunshine. My latest favorite mood enhancers are the dark chocolate covered ginger bites from Trader Joe’s. I dole them out into little dishes, maybe a dozen at a time (they’re small) and savor each one as I knit away. They might not help me knit any faster, but something about that combination of zingy ginger with velvety chocolate always makes me happy.

More festive holiday knitting to share tomorrow after tonight’s marathon. Til then, knit on.

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