Patience is a Virtue… Right?

While researching my new gardening article for Walnut Creek Magazine, I had the good fortune to visit the Gardens at Heather Farm. With six acres dedicated to environmentally sound gardening, the facility is impressive. Gardens focusing on native plants, draught tolerant plants, and other themes were fascinating, but what really rocked my world was learning that they have over a thousand rose bushes of more than 150 varieties! Despite the sunny high-60’s morning, of course these rose bushes were all still dormant. New canes were just beginning to form, as they are on my roses. I’m the first to admit that patience is not a characteristic for which I’ve any talent, but there’s nothing better than gardening to teach patience even to the most highstrung among us.

Here are a couple of things offering instant gratification in my garden. The camellia (top photo) is espaliered against a wall of the garage, and the primrose is one of many in the flower beds.

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