Floribundajulie’s Amazing Technicolor Dream Joseph’s Coat

I still remember visiting the garden of my daughter’s fourth grade teacher not too long after we’d moved to the Bay area. She had, among many other wonders in her garden, a magnificent Joseph’s Coat climbing rose in full bloom on the afternoon we saw it. I remember being astounded that a single rose plant could host blooms in such a wide variety of colors, splashing across its leafy green backdrop in clear shades of yellow, apricot, orange, coral, and rosy pink.

It is a considerable thrill, then, to look out at my own back yard now and see a Joseph’s Coat rose clamouring across our wrought iron fence with an equally stupendous show of blossoms. It took four years to reach its present glory, but every time I look out the back door I know it was worth the wait.

This is probably anticlimactic, but a few postings ago I promised a photo of that Banana Flambe tall bearded iris that was recently added to the front garden. Although it is disappointingly fragrance-free, the stalks are enormous, easily 36″ high. The flowers themselves are probably close to six inches in size. Here it is:

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