Moo To You, Too

Major excitement around here: I received a phone call from Eunny Jang (Yes, the Eunny Jang, editor of Interweave Knits.). I sent in a design proposal for the Winter 2008 issue and Eunny called to let me know she loves my idea and wants to publish it in the magazine! I can’t say more about it for now, but aside from the immediate thrill of having my design chosen for publication in my favorite knitting magazine, there is the additional thrill of knowing I’ll be keeping company with such illustrious designers. Many of my favorite knitting bloggers are featured regularly in IK; for now, I can only aspire to such success. And to that end, I recently mailed off a design proposal for the Spring 2009 issue of IK. You never know; sometimes lightning strikes twice.

A tip of the hat to Knit and Tonic, who turned me on to the British company Moo MiniCards. I ordered a box of 100 cards (which came in the mail today; they are absolutely adorable) and pretty much the instant I looked through them, I decided another 100 with different images would come in handy. Clearly I take too many photos, since I had a very hard time deciding which ones to use on the fronts of the cards.

The clematis climbing the back garden trellis has turned into quite the show-off.

The nearby hydrangea is evidently so stunned by the gorgeousness of the clematis that it has turned a paler shade of blue with envy.

Speaking of blue, the first blueberries are RIPE! And delicious… not enough for a blueberry pie (maybe next year), but enough to sprinkle into a bowl of yogurt or over my morning cereal.

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