Alice Cap Launches in Knitty – Dec. 11, 2014

Now I truly understand the meaning of “twofer.”

In the new issue of Knitty, my latest design – the Alice Cap – is featured. Can we say THRILLED? I loved designing this hat, with its modern-day Roaring Twenties-inspired appeal. 

2014-10-18 23.14.53-1

I’ll confess that I’ve not designed a lot of cables (although I love including them in my designs), yet I wanted a dramatic cabled crest at the front of this hat. In addition, I had to invent a knitted interpretation of the pleated detail that is a notable Art Deco element of so many hats from the 1920s. Finally, I wanted a bit of sparkle – blame it on my lasting case of “Ooh, Shiny” syndrome.

2014-10-18 23.14.40-2

Setting myself these tasks required a bit of trial and error before I found exactly the look I was after, and exactly the right button for the “ooh, shiny” detail.

2014-10-18 23.15.20-2

The Plucky Knitter’s Traveler and Bello Worsted were sumptuous yarns to work with, and the colors (Morticia – the black, and Old Copper – the green) have a richness and depth that make them sing. Plus, the generous cashmere percentage?  It can’t be beat for warmth. You won’t hear me complain.

2014-10-18 23.12.14-2

2014-10-18 23.10.24-2

The second thrill in this twofer is that in the same Winter issue, Knitty also reviewed my newest book, A Head For Trouble. You can read the entire review here. To paraphrase Sally Field when she won her Oscar, “They like it! They really like it!”