10/30/2014 – A Head For Trouble and VK Live

The pre-order promotion for A Head For Trouble will expire at 5:00 PM CST tomorrow, Oct. 31.


If you’ve been too busy to place your order and take advantage of the free bonus patterns that are available, now’s the time to give yourself a moment to treat yourself to a book that you’ll enjoy and use for years.

Here are some of the options for your free bonus pattern:

Simone Cloche  Suzanne Toque  Coco Cloche

The Head For Trouble launch at VK Live was fabulous; many copies of the book went home with many wonderful knitters who are excited about the Roaring Twenties-inspired projects.

Some of my favorite moments from the event included a meet and greet with Barbara Walker at the Gala Dinner on Saturday night:


With great forbearance, she signed a copy of her Fourth Treasury of Knitting Patterns for me – it’s the only one I didn’t already own.


As if I wasn’t rendered starry-eyed enough by this brush with knitting celebrity, who should be sitting next to BGW during the photo op below, but Meg Swanson. These two brilliant knitters are literally larger-than-life, and it shows here:


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