Adding Beads To Your Knitting

PLACE BEADS (PB): I prefer the crochet hook method for adding beads to leaves, hems, edgings, and other small embellishments in my knitted projects.

To place a bead using this method, place a bead on the crochet hook, insert the hook into the stitch where you want to add the bead and lift the stitch off the left needle, and slide the bead onto the stitch. Place the stitch back on the left needle, and knit the stitch.

Lily Chin wrote a great description of this technique in Knit and Crochet with Beads , on pp. 48-9. She calls her method “Hoisted atop Stitches,” but by any name it is a simple and relatively quick way to add a small number of beads to a knitted project without the need for tedious pre-stringing.

Instructional photos coming soon!

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