Read What the Experts Are Saying About Brave New Knits

Inquiring minds want to know where they can find more information and read reviews about Brave New Knits before plunking down their hard-earned dollars to buy it.

So here is a list, which will be updated regularly, of the places where you can read about the book, view select images of the projects, and find out more about the interviews with some of our favorite knitwear designers in the blogosphere.

Jared Flood, read his review here

Diane Gilliland, AKA Sister Diane, read her review here

Angela Hahn, read our Q & A interview here

Jordana Paige, read her review here

WEBS – America’s Yarn Store,; Podcast interview on Ready, Set, Knit: here

Jennifer Hagan,; read her review here

Teresa G.,; read her write-up here

Pam MacKenzie,; read her review here

Hilary Smith Callis; read her review here

Melissa Wehrle,; read our Q & A interview here

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  1. i love the book!!! Where to start?? I want to make everything!

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