The Wall Of The Roses

Never one to resist the lure of a good pun (or are puns, by their very nature, bad?) I was stopped dead in my tracks on the way out to fetch the paper this morning by this:

A wall of roses just waiting for the morning sun to hit them so they could release their fragrance into the spring air. These are Eden roses, a most excellent climber once established (which is not to minimize the fact that the process of their establishment was fraught with uncertainty for the first couple of years. Every aphid within a 50-mile radius seemed to have special radar for these roses, and latched on with the intent of sucking them dry, and even a slight misting of rain would bring out mildew and rust on the leaves. Once they struggled up tall enough to benefit from regular sun on the leaves and buds, however, our worries were over.).

Does this make up for the fact that I have no knitting content to discuss today? I am working on another secret project in addition to the Emily Dickinson shawl, on which there has been no progress worth blogging about. Once these are complete, however, I will begin work on a new self-published design. Feedback on that, when the time comes, will be much appreciated!

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