Surprises Inside and Out

There is probably only one regular reader of this blog who will understand the significance of this color combination. Let’s just say a Valentine’s Day surprise is in the works for that individual, with photos forthcoming as soon as the surprise is complete!

The daphne buds below could not go unremarked. So much more voluminous than the normal flower clusters on the daphne bushes in my garden, I thought I was hallucinating when I first noticed it. Seriously, this is the equivalent of expecting a litter of three kittens but waking up to find that your cat has instead produced a dozen little ones, all of them adorable, and all of them with that weird extra toe on their paws. But rather than having to find homes for a dozen little felines, this prodigious cluster of buds means simply that the daphne will be all the more fragrant as we head into spring. And that’s okay with me.

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