It’s My Birthday and I’ll Forget It If I Want To

Well, not forget it exactly, but rather simply decline to make any fuss about it until other, more immediate celebrations have had their moments. With my daughter’s high school graduation coming tomorrow afternoon, a big party the following evening, and my parents visiting from New York for the occasion, I’m happy to defer the “gratification” of turning another year older.

My understanding friends are humoring me – I don’t have a single birthday lunch lined up until July, when I’ll finally have time to think about it. Once you get past a certain age, perhaps you lose the urge to celebrate immediately. Why not just postpone all of it a couple more weeks?

In every spare minute, I’m either working on the book or planning my next knitting project. I’m in the home stretch of the second French Child’s Socks from Nancy Bush’s book Knitting Vintage Socks (Hooray… )

and need something nearly mindless but satisfying to follow them up. I’m thinking about this from the talented Julie Weisenberger (AKA Cocoknits) or this from’s Summer 2009 issue and designed by Cheryl Niamath, or possibly even this lovely shawl by Kirsten Kapur of Through The Loops. It’s really not fair of me to describe any of these projects as “nearly mindless,” since all require attention. Perhaps I should just call them “soothing,” since that’s what I imagine they’d be, and that’s what I look forward to knitting.

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