Brushes With Fame

I haven’t been able to say much about this until lately, but now that the manuscript for my knitting book is well underway, it’s only fair to mention that some of my recent travel has been to meet with knitting world celebrities in their parts of the country. At the end of May, I paid a short visit to Cleveland and Canton, Ohio, where it was my great pleasure to spend time with both Shannon and Anne.

With both of these talented designer/bloggers, I got to see where they do their creative work as well as sample the local cuisine. Who knew that land-locked Canton would have fantastically fresh sushi? Or that the west side of Cleveland would have a bistro called Melt, where all the food on the menu is based on the grilled cheese sandwich – as well as some extremely novel additions to that basic recipe?

Since the last time I visited Cleveland had to be fifteen years ago, it was lucky I had time to drive around a little and discover a beautiful lakefront park. I walked right down to the end where the path met the water:

There, perched on the shoreline of Lake Erie on a rather foggy and humid afternoon, I captured this view across the water of the downtown skyline:

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