When Life Hands You a Lemon… Or a Lime…

The rain let up long enough this morning for me to run outside and pick some of the ripe citrus. We have Meyer lemons, Bearss limes (which are a funny chartreuse color when ripe and make the best limeade) and the first crop of Satsuma Mandarins, which are seedless and tart. I hope as the tree matures, the fruit will sweeten up… but even tart and tangy they’re pretty delicious!

(I confess I already ate two of the Mandarins… there are many more on the tree still green). The lemons are HUGE this year – almost the size of oranges. Divinely fragrant.

There are lemon tarts and lemon curd in my near future, and I want to try a batch of candied lemon peel…

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  1. Hmmm. Didn’t sign that very well.

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  2. They look great. In fact last night I just made some “Golden Shred” (essentially lemon marmalade) with lemons from a co-worker’s tree. It’s tasty, but a bit chewy as the peel became like candied citrus peel. So best of luck with candying the peels. But oh so worth it. (I like the recipe in Joy of Cooking).

    Pictures have been looking great. Sorry I haven’t made comments. Been a bit busy. But I enjoy your writing and pictures.


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