Sunshine on a Rainy Day

These are the first eight of what will eventually be 24 or 25 (depending upon layout) for the Lizard Ridge blanket that will go off to college with my daughter in 2009. Just yesterday we spent some time surfing various university websites trying to decide which schools to visit in the spring. Talking about SAT scores and GPAs as much as about the distribution requirements, campus life, location, the strongest degree programs at each school.

Then she asked me in a slightly lost-sounding voice, “Mom, how am I going to manage my life in college? It seems so soon. Do you really think I’ll be ready to go away a little over a year from now?” She looked scared and worried, and I thought about all the effort we have made to give her the independence and self-confidence to handle herself out in the real world.
And I was torn betwen wanting to scream, “Hell, yes!” and wanting to sit her on my lap and try to assuage her anxiety. Maybe a Lizard Ridge blanket will help. She picked out her favorite colors of Noro’s Kureyon yarn for the project, and has seen me work on it regularly over the last few months in between other projects. She knows how much love and care are going into its creation. All I can hope is that when she curls up under its warmth to study, she’ll feel my strength and love and belief in her capabilities.

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