Short Row Overindulgence

The Lizard Ridge takes shape! With only one block to go and all the others blocked, it’s beginning to look a lot like a blanket. It’s amazing how much the Noro Kureyon softens up when rinsed and blocked. But Jeez Louise we’re talking a lot of short rows, and a lot of knitting back backwards. I could do both in my sleep by now. Once the blanket is finished, I’ll just mothball it until my darling daughter leaves for college – a year from now!

My road warrior husband has been traveling almost non-stop this month, to the extent that in the last three weeks, he has been home for a grand total of three DAYS! Good thing the only clinging vines around our house are the ones growing outside. Every time he returns home, we make a long, leisurely perambulation around the house and garden so I can point out all the new blooms. It’s amazing how much happens in just five days (he’s been gone Monday to Friday), and how much more I notice when I’m giving him the grand tour.

I planted these calla lilies especially for him since they are among his favorite flowers. We’ve got clusters of them in every shade bed, and all have acclimated happily. This is the first year they’ve bloomed so early, much to his delight.

One of my own favorites is euphorbia, of which this is the last remaining specimen. We planted a dozen of them in a border out by the pool last spring, and one by one they all died – except this one, which is strangely robust and beauteous for no reason I can fathom. That combination of chartreuse and burgundy gives me such visual pleasure… can’t explain why, but it does.

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  1. Margaret says:

    I’m so glad you liked my blog. The blanket is so colourful! It’s perfect for college. I agree with you about the euphorbia–something about the coolness of green and the heat of the burgandy make it a perfect colour combination.

    Have a great week,

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