Introducing More Knitting In The Sun

Designer Kristi Porter’s brand-new sequel to her Knitting In the Sun is all about warm-weather knitted clothes for children. And I am honored to have a project included in it: the Matilda Tunic.

The projects are whimsical and fetching in all the ways that appeal most to the kids who wear our knits: colorful, comfortable, and loaded with cute details. For us knitters, they are also sized across a generous range and made of (mostly) easy-care fibers.

Here is my Matilda Tunic, modeled by a child who – with her blonde hair and red glasses – is a dead-ringer for me as a child (according to my husband). Only, I have to say that this child model is much cuter than I ever was…

…though no less inclined to mug for the camera, as you can see.

My tunic (made in the requested sample size 6) was a snap to work up with 5 skeins of KFI’s Sublime Bamboo and Pearls DK, even though it is knit on relatively small US Size 5 needles. I had such fun working out the details of the side panels, which give the tunic its flare.  And that sweatshirt pocket – what kid doesn’t love a pocket for stashing treasures collected over the course of an average day?

This project can definitely be made longer and worn as a jumper over a tee shirt, or as a sleeveless dress on a really hot day.

There are lots of other projects in More Knitting In the Sun that I’d love to make, and I’ll share some of those in my next post.

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  1. Such a cute tunic! And I was going to comment, even before I read you say it, that this has got to be a younger you. What a crazy coincidence!

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