Be Fruitful

I’m dreaming of putting up dozens of jars of jam this summer, and with good reason:

Our trees have heeded the “Be Fruitful” request this year, in spades. I’m already picking Santa Rosa plums, and the Satsumas will be ready to go within the next two weeks. I’ve had to cull twice this year, picking off dozens of tiny unripe specimens to minimize our losses from snapping branches (they get so heavy with ripening fruit that they break under that weight… I could cry every time it happens.).

I’ve picked just a few of these yellow peaches but we’ll have an avalanche of them within the week if we really get the hot weather we’ve been promised. The white peaches are a few weeks off. I just have to try and keep the birds and squirrels away from them in the interim; they are not as particular as we are about their fruit actually being ripe before they chomp into it.

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