Wacky Weather Wednesday

It’s not supposed to rain in June where we live. In June, the days are supposed to be hot and dry and sunny… the grass turns golden and crispy (and extremely flammable), and even unheated swimming pools can feel pretty darned good. Evenings cool off just enough to need a light sweater or wrap, and you can comfortably sit outside to eat dinner. Ahem.

Not this June. At least, not so far. We had an absolute downpour late last night, pounding the skylights so hard with rain that the noise woke me up. And this afternoon? A hailstorm. Brief, yes. Hailstones only the size of M & Ms, but impressive nonetheless. Mornings have dawned cloudy and chilly for the last week, and the temperature hasn’t climbed above 70 degrees for days. DAYS, I tell you! If this is global warming, I’m confused.

The garden has come to a standstill; it’s too cool for most things to grow. The tomato plants are about 18″ high, and some have tiny little Superball-sized green tomatoes on them, but that’s as far as they’ve gotten. The first wave of roses is done with and dead-headed. Not much left but brown, papery petals on the ground. I even fertilized to encourage new growth, but so far – bupkis. That doesn’t mean nothing is blooming. Au contraire.

There are lilies, both Oriental and Day varieties:

And the agapanthus are gearing up to reveal their spidery heads:

Oh, and these lavender beauties, the name of which I can never remember:

I am a floral mandala…

stare at me long enough

and you will experience total serenity.

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