Second Sock Syndrome… No Way

Just returned from a quick trip to New York for a combination of work and family. Two long plane rides to and from California could mean only one thing – knitting! There are days when I have to ask myself whether this is a knitting blog or a gardening blog, and I guess the answer is: both. With the tendonitis I’ve had in my hands and fingers, there just isn’t a lot of knitting I can do these days, when what I HAVE to do is spend a lot of time working on the computer and that takes priority for now.

But today – some knitting content, finally. Yes, it’s true that I seem like a serious slacker in the knitting department; believe it or not there’s a lot going on behind the scenes that is related to knitting but that doesn’t actually require ME to do the knitting part. However, I’ve made progress on the French Child’s Socks from Nancy Bush’s lovely book Knitting Vintage Socks. I suspect these are the first of several patterns I’ll have to make from that volume.

Actually completed one of them and immediately started the second before I could lose my momentum. Such dedication is all the more noble given that the fingers on my left hand have to be manually unkinked when I put the knitting away at the end of the evening, even when I take a break every 20 minutes or so. But I refuse to succumb to the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome – I really want a couple of pairs of warm wool socks to wear this coming winter.

These are knit in Sundara Yarn’s superwash merino sock yarn, in a color I adore called Sage Over Butter. I don’t think she’s dying it up anymore, or at least it’s out of rotation. It is various shades of green with subtle hints of very pale yellow – watching the colors flow through my fingers as I knit is only one of its pleasures, since it is also very soft and resists splitting nicely. I can’t wait to wear these six months from now!

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