The Cat In the Hat

Please don’t turn me in for feline abuse. Shadow loves this combination of yarn: Manos del Uruguay kettle-dyed wool in pale pink, with a strand of matching Anny Blatt Fine Kid carried along. So enamored was she of this project that she couldn’t stop kneading her paws into it as I knit. Some quality in the fiber blend made her unable to resist lying spread-eagled on top of the project any time I put it down for a minute to stir the soup pot. So it seemed only fair that she should model it for me once the hat was complete.

Then my usual model (you know, the one with the bigger head and the fetching camera presence) volunteered her services. Another day, another fifteen seconds of fame on Mom’s dorky blog, right? Still, I appreciate her perfectly hat-sized head, stuffed as it is with everything a high school senior needs to know. Thank you, dear.

This will be a gift for a friend who loves pink. For me it was a break from the Thorpe modification hats I’ve been churning out the last couple of weeks as holiday gifts.

The last hat I knit for the holidays is this red one, using some of my Classic Elite Montera leftovers from last year’s Urban Aran cardigan. So far, it has no definite recipient. Hmmm… and it just happens to fit me pretty well, too.

Montera is a complete joy to knit with, so soft and supple, and that red so gloriously vibrant and saturated, that I’ll have to gift it to someone special. Then if I have enough, I just might have to make one more for me.

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