Thursday Yarn Pr0n

As if I needed any incentive to buy more yarn, it seems that every time I check in with Anne’s blog there is a strangely compelling, even magnetic link that pulls me directly from there to some of my favorite yarn sites. Sometimes I bravely resist the fiber force field, but other times – like this week – resistance is futile.

A recent visit to the Fearless Fibers Etsy shop netted me these lovely additions to my collection of lace and sock weight yarn. Here’s a line-up of the four most recent acquisitions:

From left to right are: Deepest Forest, Teal Green, Ocean Breeze, and Majestic. Let’s take a closer look:

This is the Deepest Forest, although you might mistake it for Majestic here. It is truly more green than this, but it’s a murky, dramatically shadowed green, the kind of green that suggests the stillness of an old-growth forest just before a storm – the name Deb chose is particularly apt.

Teal Green is, to my eye, more blue than green. I cannot overstate the rich saturation of the colors in this skein – so rich it practically drains all the other colors out of the room. Its true value is somewhere in between these two photos, with just enough variegation to make me itch to cast on for a wrap.

Ocean Breeze…! Yes, that is what these next sprightly, crisp spring tints bring to mind.

That, and perhaps a country meadow in early spring, when the air still carries the waning fragrance of melted snow, and the trees are just beginning to bud leaves in that special and particularly luminous, translucent greeny-yellow, and the stalks of all new growth are heartbreakingly tender and fragile and hopeful.

And finally, Majestic. What can I say about it that Anne hasn’t already covered in her recent posts? This color is magnificent, featuring every deep shade of eggplant, violet, charcoal, and more. Deb’s laceweight merino is so deliciously soft, so luxurious to work with, that my imagination is boggled by the range of projects for which this yarn would be suitable. I’m thinking: long and lacy gloves with a ribbon woven through at the wrist; gloves you’d envision on the delicate hands of a Victorian poet or star-crossed Shakespearean damsel.

Okay, time to pull out the needles and do some serious swatching!

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