Sick of Being Sick

Still sick… a full week and counting. Back to the doctor tomorrow if I can’t shake this lung-rattling cough by morning (Oh, yeah, as if another twelve hours will make a difference when an entire week hasn’t been long enough to get it out of my system). Finished the antibiotics yesterday… shouldn’t I be feeling at least a LITTLE better by now?

Managed to pull myself together sufficiently to go to Stitches on Friday with a friend who is also recovering from a cold. We tried not to cough all over people, but frankly I’m not sure it mattered because everyone there seemed to be either getting over a cold or in the middle of one just as bad as mine. Lots of nose blowing going on. Shopped with greater restraint than usual, since my stash has clearly met that “can’t possibly use it all up in my lifetime” level of abundance. In addition to a few pairs of Lantern Moon needles and some short DPNs in a variety of sizes, I couldn’t resist the gorgeous yarns at the Brooks Farm Yarns booth. This deep, rich eggplant purple one is “Mas Acero,” a wool, silk, and viscose blend that has a lovely sheen and soft hand:

“Solo Silk,” below, is a 50/50 fine new wool in a stunning geranium color that the photo does not accurately replicate. It is next-to-the-skin soft and I can’t wait to make my first project with it.

At Stitches I met Jess and Casey from, who are even more delightful in person than they seem on their blogs. Although they sold out of tee shirts and tote bags within a couple of hours of Stitches opening for the day, you can tell that success has not gone to their heads.
This week, in addition to plugging away on the Lizard Ridge blanket, I made these two swatches for a project I have in mind:

I’m not saying any more for now… have to see how it all knits up. Swatching is fun, though. I always love to see if the yarn behaves the way I think it will and if the idea in my head will translate accurately. Some experiments are more successful than others.

In spite of another day of torrential downpours, spring has sprung and every day I see more flowers bloooming. The primroses in this pot by the front door return year after year, but since I always add a few other things during the dark weeks when the pot looks bare and I convince myself that the brown stubs in it won’t amount to anything, they always surprise me. It’s the 50 First Dates of entryway flowers.

I also planted about 100 crocus and narcissus bulbs last fall and they are really popping now. Having them line the front walk adds some color and cheer to even the crappiest day.

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