Here, There, and Everywhere

Call me crazy, but I think it’s just spring fever that’s making me unable to focus on one project at a time. I, who have always prided myself on finishing one thing and one thing only before starting on a new one, am hopping around in a state of fickleness that is most unlike me. To wit:

Just talking about Sundara’s magnificent Seasons Club yarns a couple of days ago got me hankering to try one of them. The Autumn Rose was calling to me no doubt because once the torrential rain stopped we’ve had sun and blue skies every day… it feels like spring, and my fingers crave softer, lighter yarn instead of the heavy wools with which I’ve been working of late.

I’m making Evelyn Clark’s Swallowtail Shawl from the Fall 2006 issue of Interweave Knits. So far so good, although as you can see not a great deal of progress has been made. I suffer pangs of envy looking through samples on Ravelry, and seeing notes from other knitters who made the entire shawl in a single day.

More glory in the garden. Every day I step outside and find something new in bloom. These cymbidium orchids were potted up on the back patio last winter. I never know with orchids whether they’ll make a comeback or not. Friends of mine have perfected the mysterious art of getting their orchids to rebloom but I am not a member of that club. Certainly the ones I keep inside have seldom rebloomed, to the point that I ask myself why I’m keeping around all these pots of long green leaves. The cat occasionally enjoys munching on them, but making her barf all over the house has never been a goal of mine since I’m usually the one who gets to clean it up.

These violets have naturalized under the back pear tree. I originally planted them about five years ago as two tiny six-packs of seedlings. Now they form a gratifying carpet under that pear tree, and the fragrance is heavenly.

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