Here Comes The Sun

I keep looking out my office window toward the garage and back garden, and bemoan the absence of blooms. With all the rain we’ve had the last few weeks, it’s easy to think everything is gray and wet. Yet right outside my front door, all I had to do was look a little more closely to see there is plenty of color… all the easier to spot with the rare sun shining on it.

The cyclamen are in full bloom in pots on the front stoop, and smell sweetly delicious.

Primroses are brilliant, turning their cheerful little faces up to the sun to catch the rays.

The very first crocuses are up – and I love crocuses! These bulbs got all mixed up in the bag so I didn’t know which colors would appear where along the front walk. These are tiny, precious little ones. Growing up back East, crocuses were always the first to bloom, often appearing through the snow in the dead of winter. A badly needed annual dose of optimism just when winter seems as if it will last forever.

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