Confessions of a Cheating Knitter

What you see above is the back of Berroco’s Lotus cardigan, which I started over the weekend. See, the Lizard Ridge blanket is really, truly about 75% done, and my darling daughter won’t be leaving the nest to start college for another year. I thought I’d do a square here and a square there, taking my sweet time to find twenty-five different colors of Kureyon for it, but found myself obsessed. I finally mastered short rows, and couldn’t seem to get enough. And, there was the bonus technique I had to learn of knitting back backwards… well, I just couldn’t stop myself. And then, suddenly –

BOREDOM reared its ugly head. I needed a quick and easy distraction from the very same, but suddenly interminable short rows and knitting backwards of the Lizard Ridge. So I started the Lotus cardigan. I’ve had the Noro Kochoran in my stash for a couple of years and even though it sheds like a himalayan cat in the middle of summer it is also very soft and the color transitions are so delectably subtle… I had to do it. Quick and dirty stockinette. Love it sometimes. I did the back in one day in between other things, something to occupy my hands while hubby drove or watched yet one more basketball game on TV.

I may be cursing the distraction once I get to the “skirt” section that attaches to the bodice. I already noticed the part where the pattern says to cast on four hundred and twenty-two stitches. Might not be quite so speedy when I get to that point in the pattern. Meanwhile, a little more mindless knitting for the fronts and sleeves should inspire me to get back to the blanket.

Meanwhile, the garden continues to surprise: Camellias –


And an early spring bouquet to inaugurate the beautiful vase my friend Allison gave me for Christmas:

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