Autumn Color

I finally brought my camera along on my early morning walk to capture the fall color. For those who live in this part of the country, you know that such a quest requires a sharp eye for infinite subtlety. After living in the Bay area for seven years, I’ve learned not to expect entire mountainsides ablaze with resplendent fall foliage. I’ve learned to seek out the individual tree or shrub, whether it’s in a supermarket parking lot, in someone’s garden, or at the local elementary school. Sometimes it’s obvious, like the brilliant colors of this chinese pistache:

Sometimes it’s more subtle, like the gone-to-seed prickliness of these thistles:

Sometimes it’s a jewel-toned glory that is best appreciated up close, like the pink dogwood we planted last spring as much for its fall foliage as for its delicate spring flowers:

And sometimes it’s a gobsmacking, unexpected miracle like this angel’s trumpet blooming in November, the first year after the whole thing was lifted out of its unhappy potted existence and transplanted directly into a sheltered area in the ground:

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